quarta-feira, 16 de abril de 2014

Terry Oldfield Dream With You "Dream with you" I want to dance with you under the moon To fly with you, like a butterfly Walk with you in the rain Drops of rain pounding on the roofs like the music is playing Only with you, I feel like I'm flying Silver night, sleep with you under the starry sky We will watch the stars all night, beams of focused energy in our sight The universe will pave us the starry way Paving of the stars guides as a path to our dreams. With you, dreams will come true, like out of the ocean bright blue To live with you in a peaceful place where we'll be happy You are my sunshine in the dark forest You make me smile as we climb, as we do it also rhyme Like thousands of lights are lit inside me And in my sad eyes flashing sparks My soul is connected with yours Your love is as sweet as a rose With you, I'm not afraid to fly we'll be hot nomatter what like fireflies My love for you only grows Like beautiful poetry Your love is the key to heaven I can feel the wings, when I see you I want to be your angel Floating in the sky where you easily pass things by & less barriers I wish to live with you in this dream forever So it doesn't end, ever Together on a tree cut out the heart We will never be apart You'll always be my soulmate Only love is eternal in our hearts that give infinite starts

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