sexta-feira, 2 de outubro de 2015

abraza mis silencios. (eremoll).♥

"Hug my silence"

Embrace my silence
kiss with your eyes
in my eyes,
while breathing
the life of my poems
with the whisper of your lips.
Piénsame, because I
I love you and can not find
The flavor of words
you talk to your eyes
of mine,
who dream
with the kiss of our retinas
in the embrace of our lips
by I love you
with light rock
the aurora living
at the touch of your hair
this dumb dance
to the beat of my heart
lying drowned
by jealousy in the wind
caresses you
with the dawn of day
born with the light of your eyes,
with the stars
of the night cradling your dreams.
I love you
with the quiet voice
in my eyes

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